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My kids have never asked me to help them stay accountable but a while back my 9 year old expressed interest in learning some further math skills.  I talked with her to find out what exactly she was wanting to learn.  She explained that she wanted to fully understand the multiplication process.  For the next three or four months I made sure to verbally and in writing show her how I used multiplication in situations that came up in our day to day lives (it comes up a lot so...
I totally agree with what you are saying (both parts).  This was my five year old daughter and all I did to help was get her more napkins to use for the clean up because the few she had were not enough.  I would do the same for an adult.  The only napkins available were the ones in the bathroom down the hall with one of those wave your hand and wait dispensers.  It was not easy to get enough towels at once to clean up the large spill.  The troop leader apologized as well,...
And yes Un-parenting Radical Unschooling parents do exist.  I have met a few and a few have been asked to leave my local group because of their out of control children who harm others and their parents offer no guidance towards them behaving otherwise.  They are not common but they do exist.
My local unschooling group has about 40 families with kids aged 1 - 24 years.  Most are RU.  I have seen some children who have a hard time thinking of other peoples feelings.  I had a 16 year old boy at a party we were hosting tell everyone loudly that we did not have enough food that he liked.  He whined and pouted for a while and then his family left.  I was so embarrassed and so was my husband and even some guests at the party commented on how uncomfortable it made...
My 9 year old loves the American Girl book too!  We are just discussing body changes for now.  My church offers a coming of age course for that she will take soon too.  
My girls had their hair dyed (pink and blue) for the first time at age 8 and 4.  I was surprised they got so many comments.  Colored hair is really pretty common these days but I guess not on young children.  Some adults were rude but most kids were envious :)
The book The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron really helped me understand ODD (and myself) better.  The author has a website with some information, http://www.hsperson.com/pages/child.htm .  I really like that the book normalizes sensory sensitivities instead of turning them into some sort of disorder.
incorrigible it sounds like you and your husband are a very thoughtful, respectful parents.  I value and appreciate your long posts and everyone else who takes the time to respond!
Thank you all for your perspectives.  I also believe that unschooling is not unparenting however I think that from an early age children know basic wrong from right and can sit down with parents to come up with a set of family values.  I feel that having some say in what they are suppose to hold as valuable is important to kids.  I know this is only my opinion however and I ask questions because I genuinely am interested in hearing others answers.  I have never been long...
I really like the make ahead breakfast sandwiches on english muffins!  My husband would LOVE those for breakfast a work!
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