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My family of six (three adults and three kids) spends about $600 a month on groceries.  We honestly only eat about 75-80% organic.  Produce, raw milk and meat are almost always organic but sometimes the processed stuff is only "natural" (like those Seaweed snacks and Snap pea Crisps my kids love).  I try to make all our sweet treats so organic flour and sweeteners are always in the house too.  I don't like Whole Foods and Trader Joes because I find myself buying too much...
9 years old, how old is your ODD Sweet Silver? edited to add:  She is not left home alone, my mother in law moved in with us about nine months ago and is often home to stay with her.  
Mittsy, who determines the family's values?  
My ODD is highly sensitive and can often be the dominate child in our home.  She has always had trouble with empathy towards others and still sometimes will throw a fit if she does not get her way.  As she has gotten older she has mellowed a bit but just yesterday she had a small melt down when a friend she was baking brownies with was using a different pan than she thought they should use.  She just freaked out and said she didn't want to do it at all anymore and she...
That sounds very similar to us moomminmama.  I do not force them to help but I do explain that on a semi-regular basis we do need to clean for health and safety reasons.  They know I expect everyone to help but that I would never force them too.  They usually have no complaints about pitching in.  However, most of the radical unschoolers in our local community do not seem to help out with family chores at all so I am looking for some perspective on why.  I am mostly...
How many of you consider yourselves to be "whole life" or Radical Unschoolers?  As a Radical Unschooler do you believe your home is child centered or family centered?   We are fairly "radical" unschoolers.  My kids do not have parent imposed sleep schedules, room cleaning, learning activities, TV restrictions or food limitations.  They have free access to almost everything in the house and they are thriving in the environment we provide.  My problem is that I do not...
We have a lot of only children in my local unschooling group.  I sometimes envy the amount of one on one time the parents are able to give to their child.  Other than that I don't see how it is different than unschooling siblings.  
pm'ing you Edwardsmom!  We want to participate.  We didn't do it last year but we did the three years before that.  
opps, I see there is already a thread bout this!
We participated in a few of the Valentine card swaps on here a while back.  Do they still happen?  Or are they still allowable on the site?
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