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Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar in the rinse cycle
wow! thanks for this thread. I think the See Kai Run shoes are just what I have been looking for, they are super cute too.
IMO washing your diapers twice (especially in a top loader) uses alot more water than spraying the one or two poopy diaper out and just washing once. It is not uncommon for EBF babies to only poop every other day so there shouldn't be too many poopy diapers in each load after the first few weeks.
How are you washing the diapers?
We have a homemade one too. Bought it off craigslist along with some diapers. It is just the kitchen sprayer with a fitting for the toliet. Works great!
I spray my DD's off. Newborn EBF poop is sticky.
a micro fleece insert really keeps my DD feeling dry even when the diaper (we use AIO's) is soaked. I love them. No clammy butt
We got an Orignial size for DD2. I have a friend who still has her two year old in one because she hasn't outgrown it length wise yet (this was why we chose the origninal over the mini). Yes once they are sitting up and climbing they could fall out if left unattended but they could fall out of the bed if left unatteded too. I have not had any problem with the mattress sagging. The Original has really strong bars under the mattress that can even hold my 38 lb 4 year old.
I think swatting at something that bit us is a natural reaction. We do it when a bug bites us and it is done without thought. Being a mindful mother takes practice for most of us and like said in many of the previous posts, it was a mistake and we learn from mistakes so dont beat yourself up momma.
OK, thanks for the opinions ladies. I had no idea that this would be such a heated issue. I dont think MY situation was child lead weaning. I may have never told DD1 she couldn't nurse, not offering it to her didn't give her the opportunity to continue if she wanted. I will make sure that I dont stop offering my DD2 the opportunity to nurse and I will wait until she tells me no herself.
New Posts  All Forums: