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well, if you are not going to yell or in some way push your authority on your child I would think that the way to encourage your child to work at something until it is mastered is to wait until the child shows a genuine interest in something.  Then they will have the desire to put some time and energy into it.  Then you can be supportive and encouraging and gently show them they can master anything they put time and energy into.  This will encourage them to do the same...
I love a hot bath, wine and a book if I cant get out.  If I can get out for a while then a meal with my girlfriends followed by a chick flick is great.  If I only have a few hours then a hike with the dog or I like to go to the library and look at magazines in the quiet.
I am sure the original poster meant no harm in using the term blessingway.  Provide information not nasty comments if YOU think she should not use the term for her party.  We are lucky enough to have free speech so she can call the party what ever she wants.  Telling someone they can not say a certain word is silly and reminds me of a bunch of children trying to hold power over each other with mind games. 
Here are some things that have been done at ones I have attended or been part of: -candles passed out for guests to light when the mother is in labor.  My friends and family did this for me and it was so nice to think about all the candles burning in solidarity. -a beaded bracelet made by the guests at the blessingway/shower for the mother to wear while in labor.  -a fabric happy birthday banner with well wishes written on the back from friends and loved ones to...
For lots of carbonation I have found that adding 100% juice to the secondary fermentaion really makes it bubbly and adds yummy flavor.  We use an organic peach/mango 100% juice blend.  We add 1/2 cup to a 1 liter bottle.  The kids LOVE it!
   Sounds like you are doing great then.  Most people (adults and children) prefer sleeping with another person next to them so dont let that make you feel bad.  Lots of stay at home mothers do not leave their infant children with anyone else that first six months to a year.  If your MIL can not respect that and insists you let her watch both of the kids or none then she is missing out.  I dont think you are overreacting. 
Your infant is still so young I think it is natural for you to not want to leave her yet. I do the same with my infants. Your toddler however is old enough to be given some freedom to explore without you in a safe environment.  Studies have shown that excessive parental involvement is detrimental to children in the long run.  I recommend the book the power of play, by David Elkind, Ph.D.   You can still be AP and not hover over your children.  As long as a child knows...
Oatmeal should be soaked to be concidered a nurishing food.
Here is a good recipe for TF granola bars http://www.naturallyknockedup.com/2008/09/23/granola-bars/ 
It is hard to hear anyone criticize or speak ill of your child let alone a family member.  ((hugs))  I understand your situation.  My oldest daughter has SPD and I had to take her out of school and homeschool for the very reasons you are talking about.  She would be misunderstood and get in trouble for it. 
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