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Can anyone recommend a good speech therapist for my 32 month old? he is approved for EI services and i'm pretty certain he will qualify for CPSE speech services when he turns three. we're in queens. thanks so much!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dandy So instead she would say "Elliott, can you do what I'm doing?" and she would touch her nose and stick out her tongue... And he would have to look at her in order to do the imitation. And starting a session with imitation, we learned, put him in a "following instructions" frame of mind...leading to very productive 30 minutes. That is a great idea.. I'm going to try it with my DS. Your SLP sounds awesome.. I wish...
My son is almost 2.5 years old, and has congenital hypothyroidism. His condition predisposes him to cognitive deficits. He has a language delay.. not sure if it relates to his condition, but in my opinion it does.
thanks for your responses! i do feel a bit better hearing how kids eventually caught up. To those of you who really liked your SLP and found that your child made a lot of gains with her/him, do you remember what the SLP did to help your child?
Yes, he's been evaluated and gets ST through EI once a week since march. I felt he was 6 months behind and standardized testing confirmed this. I feel that he hasn't really benefited from his speech therapist, although it can be a bit early to tell. I'm also a grad student in speech pathology, so I'm applying all the skills and knowledge i'm learning to help my little boy, and i've gotten some gains with him.
My DS is 29 months old with a expressive and receptive language delay, which I think he is about 6 months behind. Is there any possibility he will catch up? I mean, he is making some progress.. at 24 months he only had a 16 word vocabulary and barely followed any commands. 5 months later, he has a 50-60 word vocab (he says single words) and he follows simple one step commands about 50% of the time. I'm surrounded by children his age and younger who speak full sentences,...
thanks for the input so far. i wasn't sure if it was worth considering the hib and prevnar shots for DS. i'm still not sure. he's 2 years old.. is it too early to check his titers? he hasn't received any vaccinations (aside from the birth HepB dose.. didn't know my options at the time).
What are the risks/how deadly is it getting HIB and pnuemoccal disease after age 2?
My son has a language delay. Progress is really slow, despite my efforts and the ST's. I thought I'd try fish oil to see if it might help him, so I bought the nordic natural junior's omega 369, liquid form. does anyone else use the liquid form? the bottle says to give 1/2 teaspon per day (2.5 ml in a dropper)..should i give him more?
DS's pediatric endocrinologist is suggesting an MRI with contrast. She wants to look at his pituitary to determine the cause of his hypothyroidism. She said he's going to have a general anesthetic, and that there will be some radiation exposure because of the contrast. She said w/out the contrast, she won't be able to see what she needs to see. Has anyone's child had to undergo this type of MRI? If so, how did they handle it?
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