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I'm here..my daughter will be 5 in 2 weeks. We've not started "formal" homeschooling, but have been learning all along.
I can attest to how amazing Joyce is also!   I'd also recommend Stephanie Lee Butler. She's a birth doula, a midwifery student and a birth photographer. She's also an awesome person
My name is Leah and I'm a birth doula in the Springfield area. I worked full time for a year and I'm a bit out of the loop in the local birth community.   Please feel free to check me out: amethystmoonbirthservices.com   I'm ready to start accepting new mamas now, so please feel free to be in touch!
Hello!   I'm looking for a great group of homeschooling pals for my daughter. She'll be 5 in 3 weeks. I'm finding that most of my mama friends work and their kids are in daycare or school and we often find ourselves either without adequate play/social time or in a situation where any available littles are much younger. We're really in need of some age appropriate activity partners and some friends to spend time with.   I'm 33 and a SAHM, birth doula and student...
We go a little over the top...offhand I am unsure how many gifts DD is getting this year, but a lot of what she is getting is clothing/shoes, which she needs. I tried not to do a lot of toys this year, but she's getting probably 6 toys, 5 movies. We do one gift from Santa, everything else is from us. Her "big" gift this year is a portable dvd player and headphones, which I got for $47 on Black Friday (because she loves to watch movies). She's getting a couple of books...
Guacamole LOL! The funny part is I HATED it before I got pregnant and I hate it now. haha!
Yup, you need @ in front of your twitter name
I have SPIRAL curls, so I get you I can tell you that the shorter my hair gets, the curlier it is because the curls aren't being pulled straight by the weight of my hair.....so that's probably part of why it looks SO curly shorter. I would definitely find a stylist who specializes in curls. Welcome to the curly side...LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by MadiMamacita so, how did you do on millionaire?? I won $16,000
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