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a glitch??? i use  ad blocker plus so i dont have ads but they can still  do that right?
they didnt  do any scans  on my head because due to the head injury  they couldnt sedate me and because of my anxiety  i would have needed  to be sedated so basically i was monioterd in the ER   all night  until 4am when  they stapled up my head  the area my head hit was like the  from top of my head to just near my ear if you get what i mean  this all sounds so silly it  was 10 months ago  but i guess it still troubles me what  worried me more and  still does is because...
im so glad  you understand its so hard when people think i should be over it by now my head is fine now but that doesnt mean im over  what happned
hi  i  had a accident in january while my   family and i  were on vacation i fell backwoods off one of  those  hotel room fold out beds after  getting ready for bed (this  WAS AT 1AM ) i put my foot on it to balence myself( im disabled with cp) anwyay i fell backwoods into  the side of  a glass table  and split my head open  i was taken to  hospital via ambulence  my mum came with me i split it open  4CM   ( a inch) and i had  6 staples in my  head     my head is...
for those using firefox i use no scipt and ad block plus with ad blocl you can block ANYTHING  you dont like on a  website  for example i dot see any ads on any forum or website
hi jessica id just like to say  being a type one diabetic  the white is perfect for my eyes  im senstive to some colours etc so the forum looks good for me!!!
they sell them here in supermarkets they are yummy as
and yes australia does halloween to a degree we never get any trick on treaters where we live but tonight me and my mum and brother watched the exocist and our sattlite channels had horror movies on all weekend like the orginal uk village of the dammed etc it was fun!!!!!
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