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i have type one diabetes so if i get mcdonalds i get the cheeseburger happy meal Because i only eat kids size meals and im 30 but i admit i love the toys LOL
if me and my twin had not been born via emergancy C section at a hospital me my twin i could have died i was a 35 weeker twin in severe fetal distress and i came out not breathing and had no heartbeat i spent 4 weeks in NICU and my twins cords and mine wrapped around my neck as it is i was left with phyical disablities and other health issues as a result
her right side could be her appendix?
since i was a baby my mum and dad have called me bubba
have you had him tested for type one diabetes that can cause weightloss etc
i was born with webbed toes and fingers 2 fingers on each hand are webbed and same with my toes but i have alot of other health concerns so they are not a problem i got used to it
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist if someone gets to their destination without an accident, then I would say it IS safe, for that person. but if she doesnt and she crashes and kills her baby or another person or child thats called murder
its not about you vbactivist its about everybody on the road you never know when someone will suddenly pull out in front of you or have a heart attack anything breatfeeding a toddler in the lowest prority in a car IMO a car is a dangerous weapon the biggest cause of accidents here is teenagers bending down to pick up their cds or cellphones
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyinIL1976 Ugh....this scares me! ewwwww i never wanna swim in a public pool again isnt blood considered human waste?
we live in tasmania australia and my brother flew samantha to sydney where they had a 4 course meal including cavia and he brought her new dress and then they had dinner and he got down on his knee at darling harbour and proposed there was even fireworks going off at the same time!!!
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