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Quote: Originally Posted by avalanchelynn argh. sick. period exactly and the police are monitoring them since the dad and daughter got charged but put on a good behaviour bail but many aussies feel the 3 chiildren should be out of that house
http://au.news.yahoo.com/080406/2/16ds9.html. how sick is this!!!! in my opinion those 3 children need to be taken into care ASAP its not normal !!
there isa fisher price digital camera im not a parent but i have seen them on ebay like this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Fisher-Price-...QQcmdZViewItem
has he been tested for diabetes i got type one when iwas 20 but even then that was one of the first signs with me
a sim artist made toddler/child wheelchair http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/2...icturesty6.jpg you can download it here http://www.simsafe2.com/forums/index...t=0&#entry8222
a sim artist made a toddler/child wheelchair you can download it here http://www.simsafe2.com/forums/index...t=0&#entry8222
Quote: Originally Posted by ParisApril My 9 yo DD was born blind. She likes to play with sets of toys (5 dolls in a wooden family set or 12 Schleigh people) and if there is ever one missing she freaks out and is not able to play with the remainder of the toys. I know she has a very hard time "looking" for things but sometimes I don't want to "help" (find it for her) because she is sitting on the floor complaining loudly without making ANY attempt to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie I just can't be alright with it myself. Media in a general sense is crapola. How do you filter the barrage of ads along the side of "lego" sites...or any other site for that matter. Just because it's an age appropriate site, doesn't mean that the ads are. That's why our kids are not allowed to watch Nick Jr. You go from "max and ruby" to drug commercials and woman clad in bikinis selling diet aids., etc. No...
congrads on the baby!!!
me and my twin were born at 35 weeks viaa emergancy c section breech with me and my tiwns cords wrapepd tightly around my neck i was in severe fetal distress and wasnt breathing and had no heartbeat when iwas born iwas recusitated and spent another 5 weeks in hospital in the nICU i have mild to moderate cerebal palsy scoliosis and other health related issues that stemm from my birth my drs consider me premature i weighed 5lbs 4 but dropped to like 4lbs after...
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