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http://carlydsworld.blogspot.com/ i hope you find it intresting feel free to comment on my blogs
http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/s...005962,00.html how could a father do this to his babies makes me sick
im 28 but i live with my parents because im disabled/choniclly ill
lol im a lurker here and i dont have kids but i love reading about you guys lives
it wouldnt let me in until now? did anyone else have that issue it kept telling me sorry the admin has blocked your IP?
Quote: Originally Posted by baltic_ballet On the People website they said Jayden was taken to hospital - dose anyone know why? was he hurt? britney held jayden hostage for 3 hours i think they were just checking him over to make sure in her state she didnt hurt him etc
Quote: Originally Posted by motheringtao i agree. wait, her sister is preggie? how old is she? i'm a little late on celeb news, obviously. jaymie spears is pregnant yes and shes 16
Quote: Originally Posted by motheringtao when children are involved in a messy situation, it's heartbreaking. and britney is almost like a child herself. didn't rosie o'donnell say she'd take britney in? from what i hear britney and jaymies mother is not a good mother no wonder the spears girls are like they are rosie would be good wiith britney i think
i agree sage i think britneys main issues are she grew up way too fast shes what 26? but has been in the spotlight since she was about 12 she has never been her own person she has always been britney spears controlled by the media and other people and has not been able to be herself . Shes famous the world over and has no privacy etc the media follow her everywhere she goes and the media does not help by plastering this all over the world on how she held her...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sage_SS I do not feel sorry for her. Yes, she does need help. i know she isnt perfect but everyone needs a break even celebs
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