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so glad she is home! My kids all look the same! I remember when I was in labor with my second we kept wondering what he would look like. Then he came out looking like his brother. My third and fourth looked just like their brothers too. Its kind of fun
thats usually what happens. they wait until you start worrying and then show you they're just fine glad she is smiling for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 Would you sleep even if your baby were awake laying next to you? What am I supposed to do at 3 in the morning, get up and star gaze? laughup No, you don't need to star gaze with your baby. They'll let you know when they need you. My baby has done this, sort of. He isn't quiet about it, but he will be awake and want nothing but to just be awake. He is driving me crazy! I think he is up every hour or...
Congratulations! What an exhilerating experience
hey, can I say thank you for bringing this up?! I have been wearing a regular corset kind of thing, since its all I had, and my stomach looks better than it ever has after having a baby! I also had a cough right after and got a hernia behind my belly button and wearing this thing has help it all come back into place and supported my stomach. My muscles haven't been as sore and are almost back where they're supposed to be, almost 2 weeks later.
no problem. Glad I could help
yes, I can see them all now. I love the one with your husband holding her. Her look is priceless!
I couldn't see some of them.
Very cool pictures!
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