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Jennifer Weiner's newest book is really good- "Best friends" I also enjoyed- "Water for Elephants".It has it all in there, murder,mystery, adventure and a love story.
This is actually a remake of a Danish movie out a few years ago of the same name. It is almost exactly the same, even some of the lines Jake Gyllenhaal says in the trailer are in the Danish version. It was very good, but I think in the American movie they explore the wife and brothers relationship a little more intimately.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I really enjoyed Jennifer Lancaster's books. I second Jen Lancaster. I just finished one of her books and never laughed so much. She is a smart and funny writer.
I just did a girls night with friends and we wanted some yummy girly drinks. I found these 2 recipes. one is called Chanel- 5 oz white zifandel shot of peach schnapps shake it up with ice and served in a chilled martini glass. Another one is called a Woo Woo- It is one parts vodka, one part peach schnapps, 2 parts cranberry juice. It was very yummy and not to sweet. besides that I am a jack and coke...
Something my dd loved to watch at that age and watched over and over was "Linnea in Monet's Garden". It is animated and it is about a little girl who with her friend Mr. brook's walk thru the gardens that inspired Monet's paintings. It is a really sweet story and kept my dd's attention and something we all enjoyed watching. We do family movie night but my kids are older 11 & 7, we have been enjoying watching movies dh and I liked as kids like, The Explorers, Flight of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Daizynee Hey Steph - my DD was born the same day She has only been to a day festival besides any music in utero. We are hoping for an outdoor Dead show. I haven't been to see much lately with two little ones at home. Went to see Ryan Montbleau a month ago and a festy in September otherwise a homebody. Can't wait for summertime! I aw Ryan Montbleu for the first time a few months ago, he was opening for Martin...
Quote: Originally Posted by jessemoon Watermelon, feta and spearmint is actually amazing! Paula Dean made this on her show once. It actually looked good. If I liked watermelon I would make it myself
Quote: Originally Posted by Laggie Well, 11 doesn't mean anything to me, but 11:11 does. In 2006 at Burning Man we were camped next to the 11:11 camp. They announced to the world that it was 11:11, very loudly, twice a day. Now every time I see 11:11 on the clock I feel an urge to stand up, bang pots and pans, and shout "It's eleven eleven!!!!" I know, I'm weird. I was just going to post about how my dh's best friend told him and some...
I think the Princess Bride or Fly Away home are great choices.
I am excited to see Tom Waits is in it!!
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