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The Target out here (CA) had toddler ski bibs for $12 or so. I picked up one, but am unsure if I should return it and just stick with a fleece snow suit I got last season? We'll probably only be in the snow 1 or 2 weekends, but I want my son to feel comfy and dry when playing in the snow. Does anyone know if the fleece suits stay dry with sledding and snow play?
Yeah, rats will bite you while you sleep. My mom was in a work camp during WWII, and the rats would run over their beds and bite her and her sisters at night.
It's tricky, because you never know what your plans will actually end up being until you are in the situation. It would suck to spend all that money, then find out you have hypoplastic breasts, and no amount of pumping or dom or whatever will produce enough milk. If you've nursed before, and things were fine milk-wise, I'd be more inclined to spend the money. How long would it take you to pay it off?
Sometimes pregnancy/childbirth can throw your thyroid out of whack, which can cause hair loss. If it keeps up, it might be worth getting your TSH levels checked.
My son doesn't nap, but at daycare they enforce a quiet hour, and he's pretty much stuck doing that. He's not thrilled with it, but sometimes he does end up napping. All my IRL parent friends do a version of quiet hour, and it seems to work well.....if the kid naps, they nap. Otherwise, at least they've had some quiet time so mom can get things done.
I tell my child 'we do not hit/push/throw things/pinch/etc'. Then I have him sign sorry and give the person a hug. If he is especially agressive, like when he grabbed the dog hard, I put him in the playpen for a minute or so. I let him know he needs to calm down, and that xyz action was not okay. Sometimes, I do the playpen more for myself than for him, because I need the break to calm down with my child in a safe place. It's worked so far, but my son is coming up...
A handy gift is a toiletry basket for the baby...include snot sucker, sunblock, tylenol/motrin, baby gas drops, lotion, poison control information, some wipes, nipple cream, breast pads, nursing tea, butt cream, baby wash, etc. Useful and great to have around. My friend gave me this, and it was the best thing ever. Or food. Maybe gift certificates for local places that do takeout? Or a coupon for dream dinners or equivalent?
When we were getting estimates to replace our roof, the energy efficient kind was a much higher price than the govt rebates we'd get back. The energy savings weren't significant either, though it might be a better option outside of CA (where people have real cold winters).
After I had my son, I had hair loss too, and I ended up having a hypothyroid condition. Check with your doctor about getting some bloodwork done to rule it out. Also, it's possible your levels might still be within 'normal', but for your body, it isn't normal, so you still might benefit from the medication.
You could always do a small party in the winter, and then a 1/2 year party in the spring/summer when you can rent a bouncy for $100 or so and do a bbq outside.
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