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Membership to a local zoo or kid place? Swim lessons? Art classes? Gymboree classes?
Mine started with a straw around 9 months or so, but then my parents used a sippy with him, so he got used to tipping a cup. Now, he tries to tilt the straw cup, but gets no liquid, and gets pissed off, so he refuses to use it. He will drink happily from my camelbak bite valve bottle though.
Is she gaining weight well? My ds was a screamer as well, but a lot of it was related to my low milk supply. It turned out he was constantly hungry. Once I started an SNS, he'd sleep a bit better after feedings. It still wasn't great, but it was better. If she's eating and gaining well, it might just be personality and age. If the daycare provider can't handle a newborn needing to be held and comforted, they might not be the best daycare for your child.
How about zip ties? They aren't reusable, but you can get them pretty cheap. Especially if you get the christmas colored ones in January. :-)
Maybe try luggage laminating tags? My sister's friend used something like these, and they were really sturdy. Way sturdier than the laminating plastic at my school. http://www.desktopsupplies.com/lamlugtagsiz.html
From what an LC told me, it can either lower or dry up your supply. If you've got tons of milk, it'll probably just lower it. If you are on the low end, it might dry it up completely. I don't know how easy it would be to build the supply back up again. If you want to keep nursing, I probably wouldn't risk it. Maybe Kellymom has some other options for medicine?
I used to nurse DS with a brestfriend propped up on the table and my laptop open. I had to stop it when he was about a year old because he outgrew the brestfriend and was getting too distracted by my surfing. He now associates nursing with going to our bed. So cute!
Can it be turned in to babys r us when they have their old gear turn in sales? They usually give a 25% discount on new items. Otherwise, I'd recycle the motor.
My friend got a leapfrog toy that can download stuff for her son (almost 5). Something like that might work for her as well, since you can have different games and movies on it.
We got new carpet, and didn't have a huge issue with stray fibers or anything. The installers vacuumed before and after installation, and we had no issues. I also didn't notice a strong smell either. We got a recycled carpet made from soda bottles, so maybe that made a difference? It's super soft. I love it.
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