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My DS naps well in daycare (much to my surprise!). Their routine is put the little ones in the playpens first, then get the older kids situated. If he's still fussing/crying once the big kids are set up, they go back and comfort him. They told me he'd adjust better if they had him 5 days a week, but he's doing fine with 3 days/week. When he's with me, he still needs the boob to sleep. Strange but true.
Are the flip inserts essentially the same as the bumgenius inserts? It looks like it from the pics I see online, but I can't tell. Also, are the flip covers the same material as the BG pocket diapers? Or is it more of a nylon material like the bumkins covers?
My mom's doctor told her to soak the foot/nail in comet. It sounds very wacky, but it's helped her.
Is there anyone else in your circle of friends who would like to borrow the baby items? Then you could get them back when the are outgrown, and you have a baby. That's the arrangement we have with some friends with the crib we borrowed.
My baby is 13 months now, and we've had sex less than a handful of times. I haven't gotten my period back, but I feel some sort of drive coming back. The only bummer is that it really, really hurts to dtd. It's like crowning-level of pain, both in sensation and pain level. I had tearing; does this mean that I was sewn up poorly? Is it scar tissue and it'll be this way long-term?
Thaw some and taste it. If it still tastes good, give it to your daughter. The reason there's 1 year cap on milk in the freezer is that it loses some of the antibodies, not because it's bad.
I don't know if it would work or not, but I make mini cakes in the microwave using a packaged cake mix. I add water until it's a good consistency, then cook for about 60 seconds. You could probably do the same thing to make them easy bake friendly. Just portion them out in advance and figure out how much water to add to get the right consistency.
I know your dad was so pleased about replumbing the house, but he did a piss poor job of it. Water supply lines should not come out of the bottom of the sink area. Your dad should have opened up the wall and put the pipe where the old pipes were. If he had done this, I could actually put something in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Also, your smoking habit was gross. Even after repainting every surface in the house, having the vents cleaned, installing new...
Can you work for your school district part time as a counselor? Sometimes switching to part time makes a sucky job much better. Also, shelving books might seem appealing right now, but that might just be a reaction to your current job and the stress it entails. After you recover from the stress of the counseling job, book shelving might become a tedious and mind-numbing job. Especially if you have financial stresses weighing on you.
You could also offer the oatmeal made into granola. She might enjoy it more that way. Also, maybe some cereals can be snacks, like puffed wheat, kashi, shredded wheat, fiber one. Here's a link with some sample menus and ideas: http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/toddl...r_toddler.html
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