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My parents aren't huge hoarders, but when they moved, the moving company did a first run move for all the necessities to get them set up in their house. They did a 2nd visit to get any odds and ends. They were able to live in the new house with minimal stuff, which made purging easier to do.
If your child's head is developing a flat spot and moving her around isn't fixing it, I woulc get an appointment with a specialist in that field. There is such a small window to fix the flatness effectively, that it would be unfortunate to miss learning about the options out there. My friend's son had this problem, and their ped shrugged it off. They ended up getting a helmet for their child because he would never have been able to wear glasses or hats properly. ...
I got a pappasan/cradle swing that looks like a sheep from a garage sale for $15. It takes batteries, and I heard that swings suck up batteries, so I got a charger and 2 sets of the batteries so we have one charging and one in use. I figure, we can use the charger with other household items and toys later on. The swing's motor is strong enough to move my 20+lb 1 year old without any decrease in speed. The swing creaks a bit more, but it's still safe. I will be sad...
Those are cool silicone bottles; it seems like they are trying to mimic the playtex dropin style. They do seem pricey, so maybe you can see it in person? I would just worry that you'd spend the money on the fancy bottle, and then the baby refuses it.
Thanks for the help. Do you know when it is that kids typically start sorting by any trait?
My son just turned one last weekend, and he's started sorting toys by size order. For instance, with his stacking toy, he'll organize 3/5 shapes in correct size order. I thought I was imagining things, but when I messed them up, he went back and fixed them again. Is this the normal age they start doing this? Or is he ahead? My only frame of reference for age of acquisition is my nephew, who is grossly delayed and likely autistic, so I feel rather clueless. I...
I keep putting my 1yo back on his back until he stays there. I tell him he needs to lie down to be safe while I change him. I use the stern mommy voice when I say it. At some point, he's start crying because he can't flip around, but he'll stop moving so I can change him safely. It's not fun, and the changes can take a bit longer, but he's learning. My parents are impressed that he lies so quietly for me, but with them, he's everywhere. I think it's because they...
I have a maclaren techno XT. It has adjustable height handles, which is really nice. It folds easily, but the basket is on the smaller side.
Maybe add propel powder to water? It gives it a flavor which might help him. Also, popsicles. Honest Tea makes a kid's drink that is free from HFCS and other stuff. It tastes really good, too.
The mold I got from Target has little holes in the stick to help the sicle stick to the stick better. I'd invest in a better mold.
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