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Plugged duct maybe?
Shutterfly makes some. They were kinda expensive last time I checked though. Was this them: http://www.yourpicturebook.com/ http://personalizedstories.com/index...ndex&cPath=6_7
belt sander
You can also get a powder or granule bait that you can sprinkle around the exterior of the house. It works in the same way of the ants taking the food back to the colony to kill them off, except it's outside the house so there is less worry of a kiddo ingesting it.
My SIL needed a water softener, because otherwise the hard water damaged their washing machine. They went through multiple washers before getting the softener, but it really helped them.
I'd also be worried about using the water nearby and pollution. Mexico was a lot more lax on littering and pollution than the states when I visited. This is especially true if the land is near a resort or planned resort.
I'm just coming off the tail end of a yucky stomach bug, and I haven't eaten much of anything for a few days, but my milk supply has been fine throughout the sickness. WW was recommended to me by several people too. Also, exercising 1hr/day. The people who recommend it usually do stroller walks a few times a day. When my baby was smaller, I could park him in the bouncy or jumper and do a video or Wii, but he won't stand for it anymore.
coldandsleepy, check the gift card, because at least in CA, retailers can't put expiration dates on them. Perhaps the retailer could reissue it for you.
I'm not familiar with Saxon math, but the kids at my school use touch math, and it really helps them.
A hand knit/crocheted blanket that is too small to do anything with. And I think it was made on those long crochet hooks that are made to simulate knitting, it's too stiff/thick to drape nicely over baby in the car seat.
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