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I'm new to this thread as well. My son John is cruising and walking with a one hand assist now. He just learned to feed the dog cereal yesterday. I can see that being a fun activity for him in the coming months. He's chowing down on solids; hasn't met a food he hasn't liked, really. He's a runt, weighing in about 18lbs at the last doctor visit. His cousin is 4 months old and 16lbs, so he's gonna have to enjoy being the big cousin for only a little bit longer. His...
I tried bringing this up with my dad, and he's intent on leaving me the pile to go through. He has lots of military uniforms and things like that, and won't part with any of it because they're *his*. I suggested giving some of the extras to a group that recreates encampments, but he wasn't game. He also won't sell it because no one would appreciate it as much as he does. Sigh. Every surface in his office area is covered in stuff. He found 1 brass liberty bell at a...
Here's a site where they go to 5T: http://www.essentialwhites.com/
My aunt did that with a rug. She washed it in her driveway with soap and water. It ended up ruining the rug. If you have an expensive rug, I'd look into getting a professional to clean it. Cleaning is probably cheaper than buying a new rug at Target.
If you have them indoor, they should remain healthier. We've had our cats indoor-only, and they've had fewer health problems then the cats we had growing up. And the health problems I've seen have been age-related problems....hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, cancers, liver failure. A lot of it, you can't do too much to solve without a ton of interventions that may not increase the quality of life. I did a reverse calculation for pet insurance on our recently deceased...
Even though we cosleep, having a crib has been handy as well. It gives us a safe place to put him down. It may not be a bad idea to have it in the house (especially since it's free); you never know what will work for you until the baby is actually here.
Your child also has an involved family in his favor. I work with some kids who have autism in a school setting, and even the older ones still gain skills over time.
Thanks for the Ikea bib lead!
My husband is bummed that he's 4th on the list of things loved. The hierarchy goes: 1. mama 2. cabinet with hinged handles that he can flap 3. electronic thermostat 4. papa
Sun dried would be chewier. The freeze dried fruits dissolve in your mouth. Gerber has some freeze dried fruit in their line. I've found ours at Trader Joes, but i've seen them at Whole Foods too.
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