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My parents do that too. I usually follow their lead and add some after poop diapers. He's 9 months old, and never had diaper rash, so it must be working.
We had that; it was heat rash. I asked the dr. about it at a WBC, and he confirmed it. It takes a few days to go away. I put some cream on it, just in case it was itchy. It never bothered my son.
My son was a low pooper as well, but he was alert and nursing well. However, he wasn't getting enough milk, which was confirmed with a weighed feeding. My mama intuition said things were fine, but they weren't. I'd do a weighed feeding if you can, just to be sure.
I've used an SNS in public, and people mostly don't care. The only comments I've received have been favorable, especially from older ladies who had milk supply issues and stopped nursing. They wish that something like that had been around when they had kids. At my son's age (9 months now), I can't do the SNS in public anymore. He's too squirmy and needs quiet to focus. It gets easier too, when the baby starts eating solids.
Bummer. I was hoping that there was some magical formula moms had figured out to accurately estimate what shoe size their kids would be in a year ahead of time. Thanks for the hints everyone. Hopefully i can take advantage of some of the sales.
How do you do this? With clothing, I can see using the WHO growth chart, but how do you figure out shoe sizes in advance?
My friend received food from her friends through Safeway.com. The people just logged in, shopped for her, and had it delivered at a time convenient for my friend. It wasn't the same as homemade, but it was a great help.
I'm glad he's gaining. I still would look into reflux. We had similar weight gain issues, and once we started the meds for reflux, it became easier for my son to nurse, and he increased his supplement in the SNS. The LC I've worked with has told me that my son should be gaining 1/2-1lb a month after 3 months.
It looks like you could use a bed rail to keep the baby from rolling off the edge. I've also heard someone say a pool noodle tucked under the mattress can work as well. We use separate blankets as well, which helps eliminate some hazards.
It seems like he's taking in a lot of milk while you are gone. Usually, they take in 1-1.5oz per hour of separation. Going with the high end, he'd be taking in 13.5 max. Can you give your day care person smaller bottles? Or encourage other ways of comforting the baby? Kellymom also has an article on how to bottle feed so it's more like breastfeeding (which slows down the eating rate).
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