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Remember, I am in a rental.  I had Marmoleum in my old house, which is beautiful but I would not buy it again until they fix some probs with it (scratches very easily, requires top coat & polishing, many seams that are horribly visible, etc). I certainly would not put it in a rental.  I'm seriously thinking about asking them if I can rip out the carpet.  I'd rather subfloor with throw rugs than the nasty filthy carpet that is there.   I was not aware that Marmoleum...
The carpeting has already been cleaned & it's still filthy...it's not coming clean so I wanted it replaced.
I asked the landlords about what's under the carpet (it's a 100 yr old house)...they put subfloor in over the hardwood many years ago b/c the floors were creaky.  Darn!  I was originally thinking area rugs but the rooms are pretty big & I thought it would look crappy.  Maybe that's the best solution though.  
I had to leave my gorgeous toxin-free house & move into a rental with old carpeting. The carpeting is super old & was professionally cleaned.  More toxins.  I was thinking about getting new carpeting but more toxins (my 1 yr old spends a ton of time on the floor).  I have super cheap rent & was going to split the cost with my landlord.  After doing a little research, I just can't do the carpet.  What are my options? I can't live with filthy old carpet & don't want to...
Yes, we can get mesh & Jansport is PVC-free!
Yes, it's for safety & the school goes up to 6th grade....apparently 6th graders are dangerous these days.   Clear backpacks are pretty common & many of them are specifically made for kids which means that PVC products are being made for kids.  Sickening.  I' m going to look into a mesh one & see if that works.
That's made of PVC....if you know of another one please post!
Yikes!  That's nearly $100 though....not completely out of the question but pretty pricey for a kid.
I'm sure not if this is the right place for this but....     So my son started Kindergarten this week & I found out that the school district requires clear backpacks...when I shopped for a clear backpack they appear to all be made of PVC.  I am shocked (well not so much) that they are requiring children to use a toxic material 5 days a week when BPA-free/phthalate-free children products are now being mandated.   I ensure that little to no PVC come into our...
Does anyone know of any car sun shades that aren't made of PVC?  Or is there another alternative (other than tinting my car windows)?  All car sun shades seem to be made of vinyl.  I don't want my kids to get burned, but I don't want the off-gassing of vinyl in my car.
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