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The fact that I bought the cookbook about 10 years ago now - I hadn't realized.
Oh, wow, that pad thai was AMAZING. One of the best I can remember having, actually. Isa rocks, once again!
Thanks, Lizzy. (I'll try not to feel old... )
Ah... maybe mine is the old version. It's from 1994. I'd love it if you could PM me it- thank you!!
I might make pad thai (from VwaV). My 5 year old has requested asian noodles. I can't seem to remember whether she liked it the last time we made it or not...
I'm wondering if maybe it's the Nutritional Yeast cookbook, not Uncheese. I actually gave my copy of Nut. Yeast to a friend when we moved this summer. Wah!
Hmm... page 111 in my Uncheese Cookbook is "Cheeze Straws" ???
That broccoli-rice dish sounds good! I have The Uncheese Cookbook, but can't seem to locate the recipe. Can anyone please give me a page # for reference?
I also buy chipotles in adobo sauce. They're usually only $1.50 or something like that.
We had one up until a couple of years ago, but I sold it. Just wasn't feeling the love for the flavour of the milk that I produced with it.... I have to admit, I largely use soy milk in coffee. The milk the machine made would curdle, and had a VERY strong soy flavour. Not cool with java. If we actually drank it, maybe it would have been a more useful tool for us.
New Posts  All Forums: