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Good Afternoon, I am about to have my 7th baby.  I have 5 living children.  I have delivered my last two babies at Holy Redeemer Hospital with an OB.  I am high risk so having a home birth or a birth center birth is not an option for me.  My Peri is at Jefferson but my OB is at HR.  I can deliver at Jefferson this time if I would like, I just have to decide where I'd like to have this baby. Any advice about Jefferson would be appreciated (good or bad).  Thank...
Thanks ladies!!  We are still looking, we did look at some homes in Douglasville and Gilbertsville but it is a little to far for me.  We are still rtrying to decide on location.  Thanks so much for your information, it does help!   Take care
I have MTHFR, you cannot do cohoshes at all, you could cause yourself to bleed internally.  I know that with MTHFR they like you to be delivered by 39 weeks in case there are placenta or cord issues.  I would not do castor oil.    I would talk to your practioner and get a non-Stress test and see how the baby is reacting.  As long as the NST's are good, I would wait and see when you go into labor.  Good luck!!   Take care,    
I am going to be doing mine tomorrow.  I love belly casts!!!  I'll post a picture once it is painted.   Take care!!!
Exciting!!!  Hope your baby is here soon:)  
I live in Philly and they have pulled the article and video from almost every news site.  I am going to look into this.      Take care!
Hello all,   My husband and I are in the process of looking for somewhere new to live.  We have lived in Philly for our whole lives, we have lived in parts of the Northeast and I lived in Center CIty for a little bit.  It is time to move, we want better education choices for our children, better environment for them to grow and live.  Our neighborhood has been changing for 5 years and it is not for the better:(  We have 4 children and are expecting a fifth next...
Still pg here, very crampy and baby is LOW!  Did some walking but I am getting a lot slower these days.    We'll see what tomorrow brings.   Take care and glad I am not the only one!
Kathy Hindle - she is awesome and did a VBAC for my friend.  Good luck!!!
Hello!!   Last Thursday, I definitely felt some lightening and the baby dropped a lot!  For the last 2 night, I feel so much pelvic pressure when I am sitting down, it is soooo painful!  Tomorrow is a full moon, I am thinking the baby may arrive by Thursday.  I am 36w so I hope everything will be ok.    Anyone else feeling like labor is imminent??    Take care!!
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