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Hi, I just joined myself, but I wanted to let you know that we are raising our younger daughter bilingual (English/Russian) and I'd be interested in a group or thread for moms of bilingual kids.
My kids don't have a stepmom, nor am I one, but DD1 does have a stepdad. I hope you all don't mind my joining you here, since we sometimes have issues related to being a blended family that I'd like to be able to discuss with other parents in similar situation.
There have already been lots of great replies. I usually just say I'm a stay at home mom, although I've been using housewife more now that both girls are in school. We tried homeschooling but it didn't work for us, so I generally don't have either kid with me during the day. It always bugs me when people imply (or state outright) that since my children aren't at home with me I obviously must sit around doing nothing but eat bonbons and watch TV. Yeah, right! dentmom3,...
Hi all, my name is Karina and I live in western Massachusetts. I have two wonderful daughters, Gloria (18) and Sofia (8) as well as an awesome husband, Alexander (Sasha). I'm looking forward to finding other moms online, as most of my friends IRL don't have kids. DH and I are currently undecided about whether or not we want another child, but I figured it couldn't help to check out these forums while we think about it.
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