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What are your thoughts on xylitol? I thought it was good but in Cure Tooth Decay he says you shouldn't use it. Now I don't know what to think
Ok I've been reading for nd hour or so and I'm feeling much better about this.   Still nervous but better- We will see what happens tomorrow
My two older children have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm really nervous about it. Trying to do all the research I can but maybe you can help me out a little since it is tomorrow!   I've never taken them to the dentist before just because I'm convinced that the health of your teeth is all about diet. But now my 4 yr old's front 2 teeth are turning gray. He says it hurts a little. I been reading Cure Tooth Decay and implementing strategies from the...
I don't know if this is ok to post here but I'm looking for someone to critique my blog. I need some real honest feedback. Is it ok to do that here or does anyone know of another site online where I could have someone critique it? I've tried doing a google search and I didn't get anything. I don't think I can post my blog link here? (let me know if I can please) PM me and I will give you the link.   I really appreciate it. I've only been blogging for about a week and...
I've never had a UC but I support the right to UC and I have had 2 HBs.   I believe in small government and the Constitution. I guess you might call me a libertarian.   I've been struggling with the pro-life/pro-choice issue for a while but I think I identify most with pro-life.
Hello everyone! i have not read all 7 pages but did skim through a few pages.   I started eating paleo for my whole family 3 weeks ago. That first week was hard but now I can say that I have very little desire for grains anymore and I have been a complete sugar addict for years. i used to eat several cookies a day. I think the thing that made a huge difference in our ability to stick with it is my purchasing 2 new cookbooks. Everyday Paleo and the Primal Blueprint...
Yea! Thank you!
I don't understand why it is so irritating to some of you that we are discussing how to protect ourselves from a possible risk. None of us know how this will turn out until it's really over. I very sincerely hope that the risk is "nonexistent" but how can I really know? I just want to be prepared and that doesn't have anything to do with how much I care about the people who are closer to the danger than I.   Are we not allowed to ever discus fears we may have because...
I found this article by Dr. Tenpenny helpful: http://tenpennyimc.com/Blog/post/2011/03/17/Prepare-but-dont-overreact.aspx          
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