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I just made a wall mirror with pegs for keys and the like for my single guy friend. Easy, fast, and manly.
I have made 4 from the burda pattern. They were all so different. I have also made a dress for a boy from a very plain pattern to which I just added length. When you made it you can really control the frill. Good luck!
Me too!
I LOVE this thread!! At X-mas dinner this year, I got a few doozies. First I must say that my DH family is just not up to par. My DH is the ONLY one to graduate HS. A few got their GED and only my Dh has graduated (or even attempted) collegeg. That being said... -From the woman feeding her 3 mo jello salad " She will never grow if you don't feed her food" --me " From 4 pounds to 18 pounds in under 8 month seems great to me" -From same woman " cloth diapers will...
This tube bottle is not all that new. About 4 years ago I worked with a women that had very limited use of her arms and hands. When she had a baby she could not hold the child to her breast for over five mins and had a hard time holding a bottle and a baby too. She got this tub bottle from a n adaptive supple store. She filled it with EBM and could hold her baby as he ate!!! IT was a wonderful thing to have for her. So when read the post I just thought that the tube...
I have found the best tea for the summer and winter that is caffeine free and sweet with out adding anything. It is Egyption Licorice Tea by Yogi Tea!!! For a summer tea I steep until cool, 3 tea bags in 2 cups boiling water. I fill an ice tea glass anout 2/3 full with cold water and then add the tea to fill the glass. My hubby likes it weaker and my BIL likes it stronger. It really is sweet no matter how weak you make it. Kids like it to. My dad likes freash mint in...
your best bet is to go vintage. I have a few nice patterns for dresses. They are all in my old knitting books. Flea markets, used book stores, G- sales and Ebay are good places to get vintage books. Kendra
I have had my babie! I had a big spike in my BP and it all ended in a C section and a wonderful little girl. Samantha Lea 4 lbs 13 oz 5/06/02 11: 26 pm home 5/10/02 I am very happy, and we are working on BF.
I am knitting a piece of lace about 4'"X4" and mounting it between 2 pieces of glass. I think it will look nice hanging in a window and I get to try a new lace pattern and use some spendy and pretty yarn. Last year I cut half the neck off of green glass bottles and did some pretty etching on them. I them put them in a wood try lined with copper. My mother has such a green thumb and always has cuttings in old glasses and jars. So this was for her cuttings. She asked...
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