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Way To GO!! I just love to knit! I have at least 3 things going at all times. Right now I am looking for the pattern to the Pi shawl. I can't afford either of the two books they are in, but I really want to knit it for my bun in the oven! Keep us up to date on what you are making. I really like to make dish cloths. They are small and fast, plus you can use them or give them away. Good Luck and HAPPY KNITTING!!!!
I like to call them rag dolls cuz mine are almost always long and floppy!! I have a niece that is way in to orange. Last week it was the orange and blue striped socks, this week it is the orange wool top hat that she just must have on all the time. I would just love to be 4 again. Side Bar-- making an orange top hat is way too hard!!!
So what is the big deal with nursing a baby to sleep? Most, no, ALL the bottle feb babies I have known were or are bottle fed to sleep. Is it that I just know the "right" people?
I am only 15 weeks, but I can imagin the stretch marks I will get. I have them on my thighs form a growth spert in 5th grade!! My mother is smooth as butter. The good thing about having dark skin is that stretch marks are not red, but lighter than the skin around. I also was told that there in nothing one can do to avoid them and it is near imposable to get rid of them. But I would hope if you didn't get them the first time...
I just love to make rag dolls. I have make one Waldorf doll, but I went back to my good old rag dolls. I like to use old clothing and pillows. For my Ma's B-day, I make a rag doll that is wearing a dress made out of the actual dress my mother wore in an old photo of her. The dress was one I played in as a child and so had my sister. Foe X-mas this year, I am making my sis' 3 girls rag dolls and clothing. When they come to visit me they always play with my old dirty...
My friend just had her baby last week and I asked her about the eye stuff and the shot. She said that she requested the oral vit K and that she give the eye treatment. She had to have it in her birth plan, and the hoplital had to know about the oral K to have it on hand. But as far as the eye treatment she had it at her bed side and did it when her child was asleep. She siad that she mostly missed but made a good mess around his eyes You might try this. Oh one thing...
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