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this was on our local news (live in washington) I'm so inspired by this. I really want to simplify our lives
if you do decide to rent out a room or turn part in to a appt. Research the laws in your area and PLEASE do a background police check on whom ever you rent to.
Another thing you could try is Boiling them it might be time consuming but My Mom said that she did this when we were kids and we didn't own a washer or dryer.
Split bulk store buys. I've done this a few times with a friend of mine.
I had the chance to try one about a year ago. For just a short time. SO wish I had bought it. It was very supportive and very soft. It was also very breathable.
DD1 starts Kindergarden this year. She still has alot of clothes that are in almost new condition from last year that fit her. She is a peanut. We will buy a few fall dresses before school starts and a couple of other things. So initial budget of $200 including shoes. Then We will fill in any gaps in october. DD2 doesn't need any new clothes as she has a TON of size 2t clothes to last her the next year. I do need to purchase some new socks and shoes.
My biological Father (whom I was raised with in the home until the age of 5) is bi polar. My adoptive father (step dad who adopted me and raised me from age 7 and up) was diagnosed and treated for clinical depression. I'd be more than happy to discuss my own journey as a child of a parent with depression.
If it was me I would run it empty with a cup of bleach. Then a run of just clear HOT water. If it still smelled I would do bleach again. HTH
I've been using the inserts from CottonBabies. I've had no issues with them fitting in my SB.
we live in earthquake country. We have our large bookcase bolted. And we have to bolt our hutch
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