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So far today I've: Done 5 loads of laundry. Folded and put away 3, other two in progress. Washed the dishes by hand and unloaded the dishwasher. Wiped down the stove/oven Wiped down all the counters and cabinets in the kitchen, Cleaned the sink. Fed the kids Swept the kitchen floor. Mopped the kitchen floor. Cleaned the half bath. swept the half bath floor. mopped the half bath floor. Finished laundry Made fruit salad.   STILL HAVE...
To Do: Feed the kids breakfast and lunch Shower vac. the stairs and landing. unpack last two boxes in the living room. Finish organizing homeschooling supplies. vac. living room. hang last few pictures up in living room. sweep entry floor wash entry floor. sweep kitchen wash kitchen floor sweep half bath wash half bath floor unload and reload dishwasher. Clean counter tops keep laundry moving. take kids to hair appointment go to the...
Binders is a GREAT idea. I tried folders this past year and it wasn't all the effective for us.
My night stand doesn't have a drawer it does have a shelf and I usually have a book there and a book light. On the table top I have a lamp. A radio and usually a needle felt project.   Dh has a low two shelf bookcase. On top he has a lamp, the rest of the bookcase is taken up by books and he has a storage cube for his extra stuff.
We went with a test this year as it was DD1's 1st yr as a homeschooler and she had been in public school prior. I think we would continue to test vs assessment. While we don't "teach" for the test we did go over test taking and time management. I'm not a fan of standardized tests but they are a fact of life for many ppl and we may enroll in public or private school at some point.
I want to thank you all for your thoughts. Please keep them coming. We would consider a lease to own. Quite frankly we just want to be rid of the property.
Maybe jump ropes for the bigger kids, beach balls (they could be deflated for space saving and would be okay to play with indoors. What about a felt board for indoors. With felt stories, finger puppets, hand puppets, bubbles for outside.
We are fairly new homeschoolers. Going into our 1st FULL year and we just moved. I have all of our homeschooling supplies in boxes against the wall and I'd love to get some inspiration of how to organize it.   Our prior apartment had a closet in the living room with shelves and it was perfect for all the supplies. Our new place not so much.   This is how ours use to look.
Our listing price, even before the two drops is competitive and somewhat of a steal. It's 2003 prices and slightly less than what we purchased it for. For us it's not a case of asking to much, more of a case of lots of inventory and not a lot of ppl buying.     We had been thinking of going with a property agency. We know we would lose some of the rent but we are 5 hr away and once you factor in what gas would be to go and handle it all, it less.   How do you...
We scale back our homeschooling to just math and reading/writing/spelling. Pretty much I've been doing math lessons with my 5 1/2yr old and working on reading, story time, and learning to spell. My 9yr old has been doing fun math worksheets and math games online while working on a dinosaur book she is writing and Reading A TON.   Other than that Science Camp for a week for both (all day camp). Master Gardener kids workshops at the Lib. it's pretty much every other...
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