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Last year my husband took a job that required us to transplant as a family 5 hours away.  For our family this move has been AMAZING we've grown, bonded, became a stronger unit. His other job had him traveling a lot and this new job requires little to no travel and everyother friday off. In addition his former job had him working most weekends (60-90 hour weeks were common for our family).   As part of his relocation package they paid for 3mos of rent for "temp"...
Thanks! I really love the wicker drawers. Our old house didn't have any drawers in the bathroom so this  was a must. I found them about 2yrs ago at a store called Fred Myers... I think the container store .com... Pier 1 or Cost Plus world Market might have similar styles. Or even a Hobby Lobby. :)
It's been really motivating to post pictures of our "Done" rooms. One goal DH and I had since moving was to organize everything. Everything has a home, a place and to evaluate if it's needed. I'd purge and simplify more than what I've done but DH is sometimes a "Well we might need... We spent money on... What if".   Here is the kitchen. Our rule is if our cook books can't fit into the bread box then we have to many. Spiced organized and labeled. Our "Spice"...
I don't have any before pics. We just moved here after living in an apartment without a laundry room in unit. I never again will take for granted my laundry room. We went with a stacker washer/dryer to give us more room in the laundry room for a pantry as well. Can rotators with additional canned food behind. Home made laundry detergent in a bin, the basket behind is for random sox. Behind the door is where the ironing board is. :)
Got our Laundry room/Pantry organized and clean. One of the other reasons we moved from our 975sq ft apartment was not having our own washer and dryer. In this unit they had hook ups but you had to provide your own. So we purchased a used washer/dryer stacker to have extra pantry room. Next to the washer. I really love our can rotators. We use what we need and don't run out. On the bottom rack I have flour, Sugar, and oatmeal in large tubs.
Cleaned the guest bathroom and ran a load of clothing.   Off to do another 15mins.   Switched out laundry, swept laundry room floor and washed it, tidied pantry space.  
Thanks! It feels good to get things done. One thing that has happened with all the moves is that I've purged and purged again. Things we own now are things we ether love, or need. It's freeing.. or rather it will feel freeing once we are all unpacked.   Our half bath.   Horrible mirror wall tile that isn't in the best shape, I hung "fish" netting on it since I have sort of a nautical theme.   A little bit more thematic in the room, but this is our guest bathroom and it's...
We've been at our new place about a two weeks now and I've got the main bathroom looking how I want. Still so many things to unpack. So I'm excited to have one area done. We only have one main bathroom. The wicker/basket drawers are hair brushes and hair bows/clips for my girls. We keep the towels rolled up under the sink.   Sorry for the big pictures... not really sure how to scale them down. We rent a 1200 sq foot, 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhouse.    
New to this thread (I think). We moved from our 1900sq ft home to a 975 sq ft apartment for 6mos while looking for a more perm. place since moving 5 hrs away. Our new home is 1200sq ft. 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath place. It's a perfect fit for us. 975 sq worked fine but it was a bad layout and we prefer our townhouse over having upstairs, downstairs and side neighbors.
Every 7-10 days. Pillow cases every 3-4 days.
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