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I just requested to join. Claire from UK.
  If he grows up and really wants to be circumcised, he can be. Whereas if you go the other route and cut him, and he grows up and decides he wishes he'd been left intact.. bar restoration  he's out of luck. I think it's always better to err on the side of caution and leave that choice up to him later.
    http://www.adriancolesberry.com/life/?p=687 http://www.adriancolesberry.com/life/?p=554   A couple of interesting blog posts relating to FGM and male circ with commentary on the above - also read the comments. In short - you're wrong.
My partner is circed, I am prone to UTIs due to having a larger than normal bladder, sorry if tmi. Anyway, with my previous intact partners I have no memory of having a UTI .With my husband though I must pee after sex without fail or I get a UTI. TTC is a nightmare as I get UTI after UTI each month of trying.
What makes me sick about this is that most people won't register, or remember what these boys go through. The amount of times I've heard someone say "Male circumcision is not as bad as female circumcision, because girls are cut with rusty blades/pieces of glass that are not sterile, get infections etc." They don't realise that boys go through similar torture in the same way in countries that practice FGM. Not that male circ in the west isn't torture, but in a medicalized...
Quote: Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer I have an aquaintance (nurse) that worked for a urologist for a while. She is strongly anti circumcision. She told me that anesthesia was applied via injection but the doctor would then immediately begin the procedure - giving no time for the anesthetic to take effect. So, even when you have anesthesia being used, it's useless unless it is allowed to actually anesthetize the area. Yes. How many...
Thank you. I was kind of confused why anyone would not think a post about normal development would not be appropriate for this forum *shrug* And well, it's been said recently that the forum tends to become full of post about problems with intact penises, so I thought a post about them doing what they're supposed to with no medical intervention would be nice.
Huh, well I didn't post any identifying info, so not sure how they would find it and know it was anything to do with them. My name is extremely common after all. And, I think it useful for other parents to know what age it happened and that we had not helped it along in anyway. I see so many posts on here worrying about their child not retracting at age 2, sometimes even younger.
So this afternoon my youngest son, aged 3.5 yo, proudly showed me that he can retract his foreskin. He then told his older brother, who said "I can do that too." I had no idea of this, DS1 is almost 6 and I assumed he was not retractable. Five minutes later I go into the kitchen and they're comparing penises, LOL. Neither of us have ever attempted to retract them, so this is just what happens when you leave intact little boys alone to discover their own parts when...
How do you know he is not yet retractable? does that mean you are trying to retract him? If you are, even if you do not actually manage to retract you could be introducing bacteria to the area by attempting to do this. I've never tried to retract my sons, I have no idea if they are retractable or not. Also, what do you mean exactly by keeping him as clean as possible, are you using soap, that can also cause irritation to the area. Simply rinsing with water/wiping the...
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