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This is the thing, though. The human body is remarkably resilient. Look at studies done on women who have had their clitorises removed, the vast majority of them can still enjoy sex and experience orgasms. Just because you can still enjoy sex, doesn't mean that you haven't had some sensation removed, just that what you have left is enough to get by with. This is why I feel it's important for boys to have the choice themselves. Only the individual can decide if they are...
What employees do reflects on the company as a whole. Talking about customers is highly unprofessional and ESPECIALLY within earshot. Many companies would frown upon that even when the employees were not on work time. It's not even about the breastfeeding. Talking in an insulting way about customers in the store is just wrong and definitely grounds for disciplinary action.
I guess we would see the same thing with the lips if it was common place to remove them. Do people REALLY think there is no sensation in the foreskin? as in it's completely numb tissue with no nerve endings present?
I just read the whole thing. amazing, and very in depth about so many issues surrounding circumcision, refuting lots of arguments for it. It's fascinating how different doctors' stances can be on this when you compare American policy statements with the rest of the world. Obvious how the cultural norms can be blinding to the facts and ethics involved.
Quote: Originally Posted by To-Fu The last dentist that tried to get me to have my wisdom teeth removed wanted me to do it b/c of my age. I was pregnant at the time and so couldn't have an X-ray; he wanted me to make a surgery appointment for immediately postpartum. He said that the procedure and recovery grow exponentially more difficult as one ages. Sounds extremely familiar in context of circumcision!
Perhaps it varies from state to state. I've had about six people now tweet me saying that it is routine in their area to remove them *just in case* they might pose a problem later.
.. that Americans routinely remove healthy wisdom teeth from people. Asking on Twitter about this after seeing a tweet about it, and several people tweeted back that yes, it is a routine thing that is done to most teens, without any evidence of a problem, as prophylaxis. I can see a definite connection with this and circumcision. While at least the teens are able to give some form of informed consent, it was brought up that many are not aware that they CAN refuse...
I've had similar experiences in hospitals with nursing, they are usually pretty shocked that I bf so long, even with my youngest when he was 10 months old they assumed formula fed... but how cool what the lady said!
Might be a good idea to print out the AAP statement on intact penis care to show that Dr. I can only imagine how many normal boys he is sending off for circumcision http://www.cirp.org/library/normal/aap/
I laughed so hard at this: Quote: In China, for example, we've learned that babies and parents are frequently awakened during the night each time the baby soaks the bed, because the baby has no diaper or a very thin piece of cloth. As a result, studies have shown that a disposable diaper can help a baby there get a better night's sleep. Really Pampers, you're comparing NOTHING or a THIN PIECE OF CLOTH vs a disposable? Try a bamboo or hemp fitted with...
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