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If air got to the cut, tetanus isn't a risk. It is anaerobic, so any air exposure kills the bacteria.
My 5 year old STTN and has been since he was about 18 months. My 3 year old has severe eczema and wakes frequently. So we are a long way off with him.
Wipe the outside like a finger. That's it. When he is older his foreskin will retract and he will need to rinse underneath with water when he bathes/showers. But that isn't something you need to do - only the boy himself should do the retraction. So, it's really that easy. Much simpler than dealing with woundcare We CDed our youngest boy, and never had a single problem with lint. I don't know why you would really.
it's funny how doctors in America are over jaundice, I think. Both my kids had jaundice for about the first 2-3 weeks of life, and it was all down the body to the chest that I remember, they didn't even check levels, no mention of formula or lights. Once I got home I put them in a moses basket next to the window when they weren't nursing. They're both beautiful healthy boys and the jaundice didn't hurt them at all.
I'm surprised the Dr would even prescribe antibiotics for such minor things. really, that's malpractice IMO. Misusing antibiotics is a very bad idea with superbugs around these days. I didn't know they could cause hearing loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pookietooth Yikes! I understand wanting to be culturally sensitive, but what about bodily integrity? Isn't that a basic human right? obviously not in the USA
Yep. The lengths that they will go to to push male infant circumcision. Now selling out infant girls as well. I doubt very much that any other medical organisation worldwide would echo this. This IMO really puts a large dent in the AAP's credibility. What I'm hoping is that FGM orgs will see this and finally people will start working together to end all nonconsensual genital cutting - regardless of what body part it is done on. For too long have people said "Hey, female...
I never saw this coming. I really think it is an attempt to address the double standard that we have been pointing out for years. I think it has a LOT to do with the upcoming CDC statement and am quite nervous now about what that might contain in the light of this.
just to echo the others. Banana poo. Freaked me out the first time I saw it as well.
I vote something else - Ive been using Fastmail for years now, and like it a lot. It's very simple to use and lots of options. I have Gmail too but prefer Fastmail by far. The free account has 10gb storage compared to Gmail's 7gb. http://www.fastmail.fm/
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