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This sounds like a UTI to me, especially if you've been drinking less than usual. I would get checked out by the Dr.
Yes. An adult going through something like this would be aware of what was going on and that the pain would stop when it the surgery was finished. An infant has no way of knowing that.
yes my breasts are really sore and I don't think I have much milk - I no longer feel letdown, and ds switches side often too. He hasn't cut down on the frequency at all though.
I don't think I ever had it like this with my other pregnancies, but it's not even just lack of sleep type tiredness.. I literally feel like all my limbs are heavy and I have no motivation to do anything. It's horrible especially when I have 2 kids to look after. I feel fine in the morning but this hits mid afternoon and lasts for the rest of the day Just curious if anyone else feels this way.
Not yet this time but I was like this in the second tri with my 2nd baby. Zero warning, not at all fun when it happened at work and would have to make a dash for it.
you still sign for groceries? we have chip and pin over here in the UK, so as long as we know the pin number it's not a problem.
I have had this a few times too and just don't know whether it is even possible, I really hope it is!
Definitely feeling better here too, I am enjoying my food more and appetite returning slowly.
Quote: Originally Posted by -Grace- Legally parents have equal rights. A child is not more the mother's than the father's. What's disgustingly wrong is the idea that babies are property of mothers when the father is known. It takes two to make a baby. I was thinking of other things as well. What about things like birth interventions? the pp said they asked her dh every time she refused something. That's just wrong. They shouldn't do...
I know this can be really hard. I befriended a girl at school when I was 12 who had been sexually abused as a small child before being adopted into a lovely family. Her parents expected a great deal of trouble because of how her life had been up to that point, and they advised the school to let them know if anything happened. Well the school totally let them down, a lot happened, she was essentially an emotional bully - she was my friend, yet constantly tore me down,...
New Posts  All Forums: