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I have 2 boys. There hasn't been a girl born in my family since 1985. Dh's family has lots of girls. My house is overrun with diggers and tractors. I would like a daughter since this is our last baby! I've had 2 dreams. One about a boy and one about twins but I don't remember the sex! Ebay lady says 94% girl. We'll see.
I am glad things turned out well. I know this feeling, I came across a blog the other day where a mama had just stopped breastfeeding her 3 month old because she had gained no weight at all in months.. she was still 6 lbs something. The mama was lamenting that her breasts had failed her, she had very low supply. Guess why? Yup, she was a Babywiser. I had to post a link to ezzo.info and said to her that the AAP recommends against using the book, that her supply problems...
Re. Gaelic first names - my second son is called Seamus. That's a good Irish name Haven't really picked any names this time!
Wow! I could have written your post, in every way. Baby #3, unexpected, don't know when I'm due! We're also going through a house move at the same time and everything feels so crazy right now. Just trying to get used to the whole idea of having another little one! I was already told I wouldn't get a early u /s Was hoping for one due to the fact I've had several losses and also not knowing when my last af was.. but seems I have to wait a while.
Both my boys should have been girls according to this It says this baby is a girl too but I'm not really putting a lot of stock in that.
I have heard of people trying to convince new parents TO circ by offering them money.
Step away from the thermometer! I used to hang out a lot on Fertility Friend, and remember seeing on there someone had temped every day for weeks and weeks after getting a bfp. Their temp was all over the place. Post bfp temps don't really tell you anything, and can be a source of stress. So I say stop temping!
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyCatherine185 I had this same experience last week. Hurting really bad, and now just some mild discomfort. Can't say I'm not happy about that! Exactly the same here. Nursing REALLY hurt last week especially on the right side. I'm still tender but it's not AS bad as it was.
orange juice. Strangely I went off all juices when pregnant with my others, they all tasted sickly sweet and disgusting to me. This time I can't get enough!
completely wrong for me. By that I should have 2 girls, I have 2 boys. It says this baby is a girl, so that probably means it's actually a boy :P
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