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Congrats and sticky babydust!
Citrus, so I am chugging lots of orange juice and eating satsumas. No aversions yet, which is usually what I get more than anything. I am hungry all the time but when I eat I feel sick.
wonderful news, congrats to you! It's funny but this has happened to several friends of mine too. Difficulties conceiving #1 without help, then #2 comes super easy.
joining in this thread! I don't really know when I'm due, until I get a scan. I *think* we conceived round about DH's birthday though on Feb 18th.. I'm thinking then I am due around the middle of Nov. naturelady - symptoms come and go, and have for me with all my pregnancies. I usually get cramping early on which gets less and less. M/S is kicking in but it's really just queasiness, I am super hungry all the time, but when I actually eat I feel sick. It's weird to...
I have had 3 losses. 2 before I had ds1, roundabout 2003 that I remember. And another in the January before I fell pregnant with my second son. So yes I am terrified but trying to stay positive.
My husband and I weren't ttc, I always wanted another, he was adamant he didn't want any more kids. (We have 2 boys aged 5 and 3 now.) I kind of got used to the idea and had basically decided that this was it, our family is complete as it is. Last week DH started to ask me if I had started my period yet, he said it had been a while, I am not the most organised person in the world and never keep a record of when my AF even is... I really didn't think it was likely...
This is why I want to scream when people say about circumcision "What's the big deal? It's just a piece of skin." If it were just a piece of skin, it would grow back.
Apparently, they are stating the AAP recommend "gentle" retraction of infant's foreskins and are not removing the damaging info. Saw this on Facebook today.
Quote: Originally Posted by MommytoB The foreskin spincter is sealed like a lip and only opens up when the child has to go pee then closes back up so nothing can get in there not even sand. My ds when he was still in diapers and wet himself while playing in the sand . The sand was all covering his foreskin sticking along it but not one single speck of sand was even near the tip . My ds had tons of major blow outs and they were runny to very thick...
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