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I am usually a little shy about NIP, but we were just away for 2 weeks in the Channel Islands and I nursed everywhere! On the plane, in the airport waiting room, in restaurants, shops, in town, on the bus lol Not a SINGLE person said anything to me and didn't notice any dirty looks although for some reason I was expecting them...I shan't be so nervous about doing it in future I think
You're lucky all my prev boyfriends were intact.... however my hubby is circed due to "medical reasons" I wish I could talk him into restoration.
I work in new benefit claims in the UK.. There has been a lot of press lately and the government are pushing vaxes saying there has been an outbreak of measles and you must get your child vaccinated BLAH BLAH BLAH and drs stating that they are SAFE and important etc. So I was looking through my book which has all the different kind of benefits and payments they will pay out in various situations and I uncovered this, that I'd never seen before: Vaccine Damage...
It makes me want to cry just reading about it let alone actually physically hearing it
that's the same analogy I make when people say they won't remember so it's ok. Did you tell her that it's likely the brother didn't actually need to be circed anyway, it's just the Drs in the USA don't know what else to do with a foreskin but cut it off?
My ds did this from around 6 weeks of age. I never did find out the cause but he got better over time, just had to ride through it. One thing that did help me though is swaddling for feeds - his little arms would flail, he would knock the boob out and get super mad. When he was swaddled he would be much more calm and able to feed properly. I asked about it on here and it seems that it is fairly common behaviour at this age.
We like our Motherease Sandy's organic cotton. I think they do bamboo as well but not sure if they are organic or not.
I agree with everyone else. I am another that has had a m/c while nursing, but having seen the fetus when I passed it there was obviously something wrong. wtihout going into detail it did not seem to have developed as it should've for the gestation it was. The vast majority of m/c are because of something genetically wrong with the baby and nursing will do nothing to affect that.
Heh, someone should tell that doc that it's a penis, not an ear piercing. The hole doesn't just close up like that. Unless you're talking about meatal stenosis, which is a complication in *circed* infants. I agree with pp, doctor is a quack!
Hm, I don't know. I have heard that for some people, BFing can make them lose too much weight. No idea if that is why she is so thin though.
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