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we started sitting on the potty around 18 months ish.  I'd put him on his potty when i knew he would have to go and then we'd sit there and read a book for a while.  If he pottied, GREAT!  If he didn't oh well, we just went on with our day.   At 2 he refused to let me put a diaper on him, while we were out going to Costco.  I was SOOO nervous, but he did great and we had a few accidents, but not many and that was that.     I'd just keep on doing what you're...
i doubt you'd get your baby sick right away, your baby would have immunities.  Probably the least likely to get your sick.   My friend was sick right before one of her babies, she didn't go into labour with a cold.  I think her body held off.  Fingers crossed for you!
I think it is much harder waiting this time around.  At least for me.  I keep second guess each and every little twinge.  I know that second/third/etc... babies can come a bit sooner then first time ones, and my first one came on his EDD.  I REALLY REALLY hope this little one stays put for the next week, preferably 2. (until his/her EDD)     I have a henna appt on Wed afternoon.  So, after that i'm okay with baby coming.  I want my henna darnit!   I've had more...
i just wait for sheets to go on sale at goodwill and get a king sized fitted for less then 6$.  works for me.
Awww... all this cuteness!!!
Can you find any doulas who 1. need hours/experience and will give you a cut rate or 2. would be willing to exchange services with you in some fashion?   Sometimes Midwives will give you a super discount if you can't afford them.  Have you tried calling around?  Especially since you are close to the end, you won't have to pay for a full 9 months of midwifery, you know?   I think it is important enough to at least call and ask.  If they can't help you, maybe...
We don't have food yet, but i'm thinking some snacky items veggies and fruit,  Probably a meal item that can be snacked on as well... pizza, soup, etc... I did ask if there were any food allergies I should be aware of from my birth team.  I don't want to have to call an ambulance for an allergic reaction you know?  
Pretty much the same here.  I bought a kit from the person my MW recommended.  If the kit isn't used it can be returned.  :)  I also have a liner for the pool.   Then there's a list of things, let's see what i can remember: 8 recieving blankets 3 newborn hats unopened olive oil 2 bowls 2 garbage bags baby clothes diapers LOTS of towels and wash clothes Recharge (or other 'sports' drink) Food for people and me Doula for my son and list of things...
I nanny for a friend so I'll be working until baby comes.  :)  
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