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i made about 40 wipes.  that is more then enough. i made a wipe solution, water, apricot oil and baby wash.  don't use it very much though, mostly use plain water.
i'm drooling over the bamboo velour ... 
thats kinda how we're looking over here too
nice ... if you can brighten it up a bit so there is a bit more white.
lets see what i can put up:   hat and longies.  also dyed by me  :)     sugarcane yarn i think.  super soft anyway.  made up the pattern       longies, hand dyed by me as well.     knit by my friend.  sheepy pants pattern.  runs small btw
  knitted outfit and hat by mama     more mama knits     both boys
one handed here and its my non-dominante hand so things may be wonky.   bottles:   or LLL suggests waiting until about 6-8 weeks to introduce them.  due to 1. nipple cojnfusion  2. establishing supply and 3. bonding We don't really do bottles here.  We have some, they came w/ the pump, but they are in the cupboard somewhere.   pumping:  i pump about once every other day.  I have a small stash going for a friend.  i manage to get at least 3oz at a time and...
wcm- go for the circs.  super easy.  you'll wonder why you even questioned it.  lol
hmmm... i get mostly yellow, some greenish.  i usually block feed too.   i'd go check out kellymom.com or call some of my lll friends.   how long between 'feeds'?  
Moto- sounds like you gets lots of qyality time going on.  :)  babywearing counts as 'tummy time'  we never do an official tummy time.  i'd do chest to chest too.  it's how he learned to roll over.  lol  :)   there is such a wide range of normal for development that i don't even bother looking things up.  the only time i would worry is if there is no change or new milestones hit for a long time.  then i would start asking questions.  but, until then i just go with...
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