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everything is going fine over here.  i wear my moby out every time.  what better way to hide poat pg body then with a baby.  :)   we've got a diaper rash going on already.  argh!  i think its yeast, which is ever so much fun.  doesn;t seem to phase him.  that is good.   He's up about a lb from birth.  he seems so much bigger these days.  he makes such cute noises!!   dh is washing diapers for me, which is so nice.  BUT, our super old washer/dryer is dying a...
i'd say growth spurt.  baby is probably the safest one in the house in regards to your older child's cold.  what with your antibodies and all.  :)
awwww  love it   he is so close in size to my first.  awwwww   i love how women can communicate w/o using words.  you and your mw are a great example.  way to go, you are such a strong woman
finally got a chance to do a mini shoot w/ my own bby.  there are other shots in my head, but maybe in a few days.                    
i has a tear, i decided no stitches, but i would have to keep my knees together and no stairs and car only if necessary. my whole girly region is still sore.  i'm thinking mostly muscle related.   but it still hurts to sit down, i'm still bleeding, so i keep all activity to a minimum.  i'll be very happy when i can tackle our hill and go for walks
burping:  i find it so odd, but oh well.  ds1 - never burped him.  he never showed any discomfort but spit up ALL the time.  looking back maybe he just ate a lot.  ds2 - i try and burp him in the middle and at the end of each feeding.  Usually he'll pop off, i'll try and burp then put him back on.   sides:  i tend to use one breast per feed.  i want to make sure he gets plenty of hindmilk and he never empties a side so, i tend to lean towards block...
I feel your pain!  Oh man do i ever!
I'm in the process of writing up the full birth story, but I never have a huge chunk of 2 handed typing time.  so it's taking me longer.   short version: had contractions throughout the day, nothing to get excited about, but I knew things would pick up in the evening.  Contractions picked up right after the older boy went to bed.  (i'm pretty sure it was the 'boobie' portion of boobie-book time that did it)   I called my mom to come at 9:50, she's all I'm...
Home Vaginal G2 P2 waterbirth. UC, Fast 40w4d 8ls1oz M
yay Anya!!!
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