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Congratulations MissE!  and Judy!  So exciting 2 new babies.   So, nothing for me yet, which is totally fine, my Guess Date was the 20th.  so, no biggie.  I don't get the phone calls asking how things are going, DH does.  LOL  I find that SOOO funny.   I'll post some comment on FB about hanging flags or something (i actually had some flags hung) and people all get excited.  But, no one bugs me about labor or baby, just DH.  poor guy
Congratulations!!  I'm so happy for you.  I can't see the pic, but I'm sure he's gorgeous!
YAY!!!  All these new babies.  SO exciting Labor vibes to everyone who wants them!
YAY!!  Congratulations, what a great birth story
Yes!  I don't know what they are, but i'm liking to think it's my cervix making progress.  who knows.
Have you tried to pump off the top a bit so you are not as engorged and a bit 'softer'? Have you tried a different hold? Have you tried calling a LLL to come and help? Make sure you are bringing baby's head in at an angle a bit so the nipple points to the roof of his mouth.   www.KellyMom.com
Have you tried different holds? I had to do the football hold on one side while a crack was healing and then cross cradle hold for the other.   The football hold moved his mouth into a different position so pressure was taken off the crack and allowed it to heal.
  Got my Henna today!  39w 6d
Miss E.  Have you heard of White Coat Hypertension? My friend's BP goes super high when she has to see a Dr.  but, otherwise it's normal.
Finished sewing some bra top thing out of some cotton lycra.  Believe me, nothing special, raw edges (it's not fraying thank goodness) so I'ts not 'finished'.  oh well.  It's what I wanted, well, within reason, and it was free.  Nothing bad about that.  it would have cost me about 40$ for a swimsuit top that would enclose these suckers and even then they wouldn't move to the side easily for nursing after baby's born.   I just made it up, pretty proud of myself for...
New Posts  All Forums: