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Amazing.  LOVE it!   Strong mama, smart mama for listening to your body.  You're amazing
I'm sorry about the hospital thing, their attitudes and such.  BUT... I'm SO happy that you got to birth him w/o too many interventions.  Why they'd send unseasoned/experienced emts to a BIRTH i don't know. Anyway, I LOVE the photo you have.  The looks on your faces are glowing, extatic!  I LOVE It!
Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. Healing thoughts sent your way!
I'd say it sounds like it's right for him.  :)  -probably not as helpful as you'd like-
awww  what a sweetie!   Way to go mama!
awww, she's beautiful   Sorry your birth didn't go as planned.  Healing vibes sent your way.
YAY!!!  Way to go WCM and Nova and Daddy!     I guess i'm one of the older mamas here.  Which kinda blows me away, i don't feel old at all.  I'm 35.  I always wanted to have my kids earlier, but DH had other plans and It's a 2 way street.  As long as I get my babies.  :)   I love the fact that this is a dragon baby.  I gotta get my act together and finish the totally awesome dragon longies.   I'm an Aquarius, DH is Leo, DS is Capricon and this one will be...
WCM- good luck, hopefully it'll all be worth it and not peter out.   nothing happening here, but i'm fine with that.  Not even at 40 weeks yet, so it's all good.   It's 3am here, so i'm sending out OPEN OPEN OPEN vibes to all the cervixs that want it.
I eliminated Dairy, then Soy, then Peanuts ... My boy didn't have any fussiness but he'd vomit a lot.  Now, 5 years later, i think it's just cause he ate a lot.  oh well.   Dairy is in LOTS of things, not just listed as Dairy/milk.  Casin, Lecitin etc... (i'm not sure of the spellings) are all dairy by-products.  Also, if elminating dairy helps but still there, try Soy.  They are closely related.   Have you tried Chiropractic?  Maybe baby needs an adjustment?
Not much going on around here.  Just a bit more sore and achy when I wake up.  I can sleep like a rock, so I feel bad for those of you who are super uncomfy.  :(  I stay up late though so I can play online while my son sleeps.  lol  I watch tv and sew or knit at that time as well.   I really really hope we see some new announcements soon... Judy yours is one i'm looking out for.  :)  I hope it's face and peaceful.   AFM: I'm officially 39w4d.  DS came on his EDD,...
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