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she mostly wears wool pants right now but she also has overalls. i think you could fit *any* diaper and cover under overalls.
i got two new fireflies: a natural and a new leaf green. the leaf green is beautiful! i also got the dyed prefold from soft cloth bunz that she didn't send with my first package. she even sent a free snappi! i thought that was pretty cool. buying used is fun but there's something extra nice about getting something brand new!
my daughter was 8'7" at birth, so not tiny but not huge. we used infant cpfs the first three months. she grew into them at about three weeks but for those first few weeks, they were just so big. i'm planning on a stash of fitteds for this baby but i still want a dozen (or two!) dyed preemie prefolds. they're cheap and i'll be able to find other uses for them.
oh! it's gorgeous! i those colors!
also, for christmas last year my mom and my MIL bought us the next size prefolds. my MIL did a mail-in order through green mountain diapers (they have a catalog) and there was an AP/natural parenting store that my mom knew of and she bought some there. they each bought a dozen and we were set.
prefolds aren't a bad way to go at all. she's been CD'd since birth and for the first three months, we primarily used infant prefolds and prorap seconds. very cheap and very easy to do . i love fitteds, but in the beginning you're changing diapers every half hour/hour anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Mamajaza* plum~ What exactly happened at your first birth? i didn't progress fast enough so it became a train wreck of interventions. i would tell them i didn't want them to, say, monitor me anymore and my husband tell them no and they'd start in on how something could be wrong with the baby, is that what we wanted? everything was like that. towards the end, they started talking to him about a cesarean. yet, they...
i've been lurking for awhile so i thought i should finally say hi. i'm due with our second around the third week of april. my first birth was horribly traumatic; it was in a hospital with a CNM and i don't want that ever again. so, we talked about homebirth and my husband is very interested in it. we didn't actually find a midwife until two weeks ago and she will be coming to visit in a few weeks. to be honest, though, i don't know how i feel about that. i do feel...
i bought some chocolate icicles and a box of christmas cards. i spent $2.25. i would've looked more but that sort of frenzy makes my husband crazy :LOL . he gets very intimidated by it. i should've bought two more stockings. *sigh* maybe the girlie and i will go downtown again tomorrow.
great poll! i voted chocolate and caramel, but chocolate and coffee was a very close second.
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