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i could go look, but that would involve an extra trip to our basement and i don't like it down there :. one of my dreams is to have a house where the washer and dryer are somewhere more convenient, like the kitchen or pantry. that would be heaven for me.
what are the bendy straws for?
that really touched me.
she's so cute! those pants are lovely.
i'm going that way. i want all fireflies and prefolds for daytime with KHWs for nighttime. i got tired of the mishmash. i'm getting close ! i've been selling off the extras and i have a few more to sell off. it's nice.
it comes and goes for me. it didn't hurt at first, then it hurt for a few weeks, then it got better, then it got sore again. now the nursing isn't so bad but the fidgeting she does makes my skin crawl and i want to peel her off. she is fifteen months and still nursing about eight times a day. i wanted to nightwean her last month but it was a rough month and thankfully that seems over so she still nurses several times at night. i do look forward to tandem nursing. as...
i am almost twenty-four weeks and i started wearing a maternity shirt last week. my jeans are low-rise to begin with so my tummy still fits and i have a few tshirts of my husband's that are slightly bigger than mine that i wear. i want another one like the one i have, though.
where were your toddlers during your homebirth? i'm almost twenty-four weeks along and we found a homebirth midwife recently and will be meeting her in a few weeks. everything sounds good so far so my husband and i have been talking about the birth. the first time, we were in the hospital. this time, we'll be at home and the girlie will be nineteen months old. among the many reasons i want a homebirth is because i want her around. i'm able to visualize parts of the labor...
i use mozilla and i love it. i'm not sure which one it is, though :. my husband did it for me. i love having no more pop-ups!
i don't. there are movies i wanted to cry at but didn't. wait: i got a little teary during a scene in 'in america.' i just can't give in, even if i want to.
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