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can someone PM me? my two-week lurking period was up and i was learning so much.
oww! i about took my little toe off a few weeks ago. it caught as i was stepping over the baby gate- youch! mine really hurt for a few days but it got better. you might want to go in and have it looked it, in case there's a fracture. i think you could also tape it to the next toe to support it. not much help but a .
http://lucyshopechest.com/store/Default.asp free shipping on orders through christmas eve!
ugh, i'm sorry. you're one of my favorite mamas, you know.
: i've seen so many horrible movies. here are some that come to mind: * ghost ship- never see this! * darkness falls- never see this, either! it is so horrible. * matrix revolutions :yawning: :Puke * envy- we got this on netflix last week. it was just... weird. we never finished watching it. * anchorman- okay, it was kinda funny in a lame way but definitely not worth using our night-out pass (my mom babysat and we went to a movie at the cheap theatre and we...
my FAVORITE nighttime diaper is the kindhearted women hemp fitted. gosh i just love this diaper. i usually add a fleece-topped hemp doubler on top but the whole thing is pretty trim and i just love the fit. i have a few for my daughter and i'm building up a stash of smalls for our newbaby.
oh no! i hope it gets fixed soon. how frustrating!
for the same price as i pay for one new fitted, i realized i could get like five dyed prefolds. my pinning has improved over the past few days and i'm liking the pretty PFs we have right now. who all has dyed premium UBCPFs? any with cheap shipping? i know of bumwrap and TDD but aren't there more?
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