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we cosleep but she still wears either wool pants and a tshirt or hanna zippers/gymboree pajamas to bed. she HATES blankets, even though it's very cold where we live (well, normally but not as much this year ). i'd like to try and find her a few more longsleeve pajama shirts. we have a ribbed pajama shirt from gap that i just love but i don't know if they still make them and i only want the top, anyway.
the girlie is in a KHW hemp fitted with a sugarpeas fleece topped doubler and a pair of grandma-made red wool pants. she looks gorgeous, really.
congratulations! she's gorgeous!
when someone online seems interested, i always send them to http://diaperpages.com/ .
i don't really know if i like it out in the open like that. i mean, if i'm reading about pregnancy and birth, i am not interested in looking at other people's trader rating. it kinda takes away from it. maybe it could be in your info? or only visible if you are in the trading forums at the time?
it's right above people's names. i've been wondering about that, too.
i got a newborn soaker from ewe betcha and it's really really cute. i'm getting a decent stash of newborn fitteds but haven't gotten any new covers yet. also, my righteous baby holiday custom fitted came. it's very cute but it's bulkier than i was expecting. all my other fitteds are so trim so i guess i'm just not used to it .
oohhh pretty! i love rainbow stuff, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by skellbelle Once, I found my DS in the bathroom, gagging and literally foaming at the mouth....he had consumed most of a large bottle of Dove body wash. Poison Control asked me why he hadn't stopped after the first awful swig.......I was like, "How the hell do I know!" when my husband was about two or three, he ate an entire tube of toothpaste. to this day, he still hates the taste of mint. i asked why he kept...
i'm sorry, chris.
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