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oh no! i'm sorry. we don't have any larges or we'd pass them on. sounds like you'll have a great stash soon, though! diapering mamas are very generous.
: she somehow found the pregnancy test i took that came back positive. guess which end was in her mouth? :
... : she ate cat puke once. i've also found bits of crayon in her poo before but the puke was about the worst... well, there's one worse but it's way too bad!
yay! that all sounds awesome.
what a cool gift! ITA, those burritos are enormous! it's been a long time since i've eaten there.
i got my first elbee. i love it already!
i'm so glad it worked out! whew, i was so disappointed at the beginning.
cute! good job.
Quote: Originally Posted by becca011906 Oh i'm alos paitenly waiting for tootsweet to open back up so i can get me a med before my small is outgrown need to do some TP searching for a med!!! LOL actually, tootsweet goes from small to large. no medium!
i am waiting on: * a medium elbee * righteous baby holiday semi-custom so, not much but something.
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