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your supply will adjust to just nighttime nursing. Try almond milk or rice milk or one of the other types out there. DD is 5 and maybe drinks a glass a day in her morning cereal. (if she has some)
I would also stay home. No reason to risk babies health by inducing or getting stuck on the side of the road. Tears WILL heal on their own. You don't HAVE to get stitches. But if you prefer to get stitches, I'd just go in after baby is born and have your doc or ER stitch you up.
I never once took his temp, but maybe that was just me. I wasn't aware of any reason to take it. I do have a temporal thermometer that i use for him and for my 4 year old.
I second doing the Castor oil but not that much.. I took 2 teaspoons at 9 pm before bed and had the baby the next morning at 8:40 am, I took a small dose so that I'd use the bathroom since I was so constipated. Well I didn't end up going until about 3 or so days later (damn hemorrhoids!).. It affects everyone differently. some people just poo alot from it, others it sends into labor, some both, some neither.   What about acupuncture? I've heard great things about...
ok official 2 month stats. 17.1 pounds and 24.5" long. 40cm head.
I'm having a problem with ammonia smelling pee causing the diapers to stink. Any ideas what caues this? I wash every day.   I went ahead and ordered some Medium sized prefolds. Hope they come in soon.   Just use soaps that dont have additives and just use the minimual amount. Charlies soap or Rockin Green are the most recommended two. Rocking Green has different scents but i haven't tried it yet. I got some Charlies on sale on amazon a while back and i'm still using...
I like the FB i had but rarely used them as its easier to just put in a new prefold than change the whole thing. If I had time and thought about it when doing laundry and prestuffed all the FB that was so much easier but i rarely did that. I'm somewhat annoyed that i spent alot of money getting OS rocky mountains and they leak ever single time he pees. If i knew that would happen i'd have gotten more prefolds and covers or even FB. i didn't buy any of my FB i just...
won't have 2 month appt until dec 3. but last check at almost 6 weeks he was 14.6 lbs and i think 23-24" inches.. Can't remember exactly.
yep both normal.. DD at this age poo'd once every week or two. Doc said that for bf babies is considered normal to go up to 10 days without a poo. It means that your baby is absorbing all the nutrients from your milk so there's little to no output. DS however is almost 6 weeks old and still poo's like 4 times a day. On two separate days within an hour each time I changed 5 poopy diapers... so was not happy about that.
Fenugreek, oatmeal, blessed thistle, glass of wine or a beer are all good ways to boost supply. there are a few prescription ways but i've never tried them. Why are you unable to bf? Just curious, not trying to pry. Couple of tips for pumping. Pump every 1-2 hours for 5 minutes each side. Most women get the most out of pumping within the first 5 minutes so it's just frustrating to go at it for 10+ minutes with little to no output. Go in a dark, quiet place and/or...
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