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I have been considering night weaning or something as well. I am just a tired trainwreck all day long. I have no patience, and I don't like myself at all. A few AP friends of mine recommended this sleep method. It sounds pretty easy and very baby friendly. He is pro-family bed, so he gets points from me! :-) I hope the link is helpful. I haven't tried anything yet. Something must change soon though. I am having trouble staying awake during the day.
Hello everyone! I have been on Mothering so little in the past year. Things have been a bit busy!! Willy is 10 months old now and doing great. He is crawling, standing, cruising, and VERY much into everything. He says a few things; mama, daddy, kitty. DS1 talked so early and is so articulate, this is new to me. I am thinking I may want to get PG this Winter. I just keep going back and forth. I know I want a third child. Dealing with pregnancy, and two young...
I haven't been on here since right after Willy was born!! I keep up with the Yahoo group from our DDC though. I am finding more time lately, so hopefully I will be around more. Willy is 6 1/2 months. He has two teeth and has bitten me a few times, yeow! He doesn't seem interested in crawling though. DS1 didn't crawl until late either, so no worries. He love playing with his brother or watching him. He is interested in food now, so we have tried a few things! Nice...
To relax and enjoy the life growing inside of me! Also, the AP mom that recommended good books, resources for me to look into! I owe it all to her! Good thread idea!!
Next Friday I have to have a endoscopic surgery on my upper GI. I know they use a local anesthetic spray and some kind of anesthesia administered through the vein. I am breastfeeding my 2.5 month old and wondering what to do? We don't use bottles, but if we have to we can try. I was thinking to BF right before and then wait a few hours after. I know that once something is no longer in your blood then it won't be in your milk, right?! Any help/tips would be much...
We had a good Christmas. It was busy and hectic, but good. I am glad we are on the downward swing though! Willy is doing great! He was 16lbs 2.5oz and 25" at his 2 month checkup. Kleines is doing okay at being a big brother.. most of the time! I find I have so little time right now to keep up, I miss reading posts on here!!
Quote: Originally Posted by heatherfeather Check kellymom for oversupply/block nursing. Basically you just feed from one side anytime the baby wants to nurse in a 2-3hour stretch, so if they nurse at 8am, feed left side, want to feed again at 930am=left side, 1015am= left side, 1130am=right side 130pm= right side. Not sure if that makes sense! I kind of go by how full I still feel after a feeding as to whether I switch sides for the next...
Isn't silicone supposed to be okay?
Willy is rolling too! He did one time last week and I figured it was a fluke. Today he did two times and it was clearly on purpose. He is 7 weeks on Wednesday. Fun times when they start pulling out the tricks!
Quote: Originally Posted by bygones75 Are you block nursing, Bonnie? That helped my OAL way more than the positions. Where can I find info on block nursing? I don't know what it is?! I am a dork!
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