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I'm so sorry :-( I have two dogs and if anything happened to them I'd be devastated :-(
Quote: Originally Posted by amberskyfire Haha! Nope! No couches in the Wal-Mart restroom, unless you count that huge pile of toilet paper shoved against the wall in the corner. The only two times in my entire life that I have ever seen couches in a women's restroom were once at a wedding and once in a Macy's. I was at a hotel in Cork (Inchydoney Island Spa) and in the resident's lounge bathroom there was an arm chair and a table with a...
I was about ten when I finally learned. My twin sister had been doing it for years though at that stage! I have no motor skill issues. Just a mental block when it came to laces!
Dork is another word for penis so why would that be better than dildo? I live in Ireland and pussy means vulva here too.
What race are spook and beaner racial slurs for? I can honestly say I've never heard that they were insults before!
How large was your wedding? 113 people including a bridal party of 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, I only wanted two of each but my mil insisted on her daughters being bridesmaids as well as my sisters. Grrr! Where was the ceremony/ reception? My local church (I'm an atheist but my husband is catholic, it meant more to him to get married in a churhc than for me not to) for the ceremony and Faithlegg House Hotel for the reception. Who married you? One of...
I'd be fertile I'd have less debt I wouldn't have let myself put on three stone in the last three years (I blame the third one on the two IVFs I did this year plus all the IUIs and stuff) I would be living in Cork instead of Waterford.
Quote: Originally Posted by CallMeMommy I thought of another one - I think about doing gross things, and then gag. Like today when I got to my car after work I saw a blob of bird poop on the window, thought about licking it, and gagged. I'd never in a million years actually DO it, but I still thought about it and subsequently started gagging. I win! I do that too!
Quote: Originally Posted by lanielayne When I lived in TN (which was about 2 years ago) servers made $2.13 an hour. I did not get a paycheck. That money paid my taxes if I was lucky. I also did not have any benefits. I had to tip out a food runner and a bartender based on my total sales every shift. The only way to make money would be to have a large station, which luckily we did. Serving is a very stressful job, much more so than working in retail. I...
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