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I am still very happy with Math Whizz :D I do have to remind myself to NOT help him at all when he's doing the lesson though b/c a couple of times I have guided him when he had a question and while he did GET it, it progresses naturally with your child, so the next lesson gets even harder, when it should be better for him to practice a little more at that same level for a little bit. I found that in the 1 or 2 instances, I just had him do replay of those lessons and he...
  Ditto this!
My blog, and I also use Homeschool Tracker Plus (which is paid) but there is also a free Basic version. I LOVE it. The Plus version is a one-time fee, with lifetime upgrades, so it was well worth it to me to be able to track everything. It offers a lot of features, but I mostly just enter in as we do things vs scheduling them and creating lesson plans (which is a feature of the program).
We opted for Math Whizz. We tried out DreamBox and do *like* it, but I really LOVE the reports that Math Whizz offers and thought it was a bit more thorough than DreamBox is. He's loving it so far and I am extremely happy with the program!
  This. ^  I LOVE EverNote and need to get back to using it more regularly for online bookmarks. For book resources and science kits, etc, I just use my wish list on Amazon and put them all there to refer back to.  I track all of our homeschooling in Homeschool Tracker Plus (although, they have a free Basic edition too that's good).  For all of our curriculum books, etc. I have the IKEA cardboard magazine file things and have one for each 'subject' and just...
My DS is also 5 and is great with the computer (he's been doing Headsprout and other games for a while), and we practiced with the trial too, so I think he's good in that aspect. We are working through the trial of DreamBox and he's almost done with the entire Kindergarten 'curriculum' after just a week of playing, and it's making me want to lean even more to the side of Math Whizz b/c I think it's more broadened learning and things seem to change up a little more....
Yeah, we do IXL practice, but I was looking to maybe take advantage of the co-op deal. They have one for Math Whizz as well, and I've read great reviews, but am still on the fence since it's a bit pricey. http://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/index.php?option=com_quickbase&Itemid=809
Anyone have any experience or feedback with either of these programs? TIA!   ETA: I just signed up for a trial of DreamBox as well and we really like it so far too! I am so torn between DreamBox and Math-Whizz! IXL offers the practice, which has been great, but I don't know if I like it *enough* to subscribe to it or not...the other two are awesome so far :( GAH!
No one? :(
Those of you who have used (or are using) Headsprout and have used both Early Reading AND Reading Comprehension...   Did you go straight from Early Reading to Reading Comprehension? Or did you wait a while to start Reading Comprehension?   DS is fairly close to finishing out Early Reading (he's on ep. 57/80) and I am wondering if Reading Comprehension is something we should wait to start or not. I downloaded the Funnix freebie since I heard Funnix2 is a great...
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